Flexible Automated Reporting

OpsCenter Instant Reporting one pager (PDF, Doc, HTML)

During an emergency, a large amount of information is gathered by the emergency operations center (EOC) staff. OpsCenter reports pull information from all the raw data collected to generate accurate and timely summaries. Accurate automated reporting minimizes the time, effort, and cost to organize data and generate reports during crisis management and afterwards. Previously, the tedious report generation process diverted attention from critical response activities to reporting chores. Now the staff can stay focused on managing the situation.

Some categories of reports in OpsCenter:

  • Damage and Impact Assessment - allows timely reporting
  • Public briefings – helps the Public Information Officer (PIO) prepare information to keep the public informed.
  • Agency briefings – quickly provides supporting organizations the information they need.
  • Financial recovery – selected information for reimbursement reports and other accounting.
  • Incident Command System (ICS) – standard ICS forms are available within the software.
  • Reports provide high-level summary information as well as specific details grouped by incident, assigned action, request, location, etc. An intuitive interface provides easy and flexible selection of data for generating standard reports. Filters provide just the information requested. Reports can be emailed, printed or exported to Microsoft Word® with just a mouse click.

    Below is an example of a Damage Assessment Report. There are 40+ different reports in the default OpsCenter system that are easily configurable. In addition, the reporting functionality is expandable. If very specific reporting requirements exist that are not available in OpsCenter, additional reports can be added to the system for these specific requirements.

    OpsCenter automatically generates Incident Command System (ICS) Forms for organizations requiring this reporting capability. OpsCenter can programmatically fill out 25 Incident Command System (ICS) forms based on the information in the system. These forms are in typical ICS format and when printed look just like the paper-based ICS forms. This functionality saves many hours previously spent consolidating information and typing the ICS Forms. This feature is extremely useful for those organizations that must submit actual ICS forms to another organization or agency. It allows you to manage the emergency while using the power of OpsCenter to generate output in the required format.

    The screen shot at the bottom of the page is an example Air Operations Summary ICS Form 220 from OpsCenter.


    Example report in the OpsCenter Emergency Management software
    Example ICS report in the OpsCenter Emergency Management software