Importing and Exporting

Importing Information

OpsCenter runs on industry standard databases that include a variety of tools for importing information. The OpsCenter data model is open and straightforward enough to allow the average technical person to import information from a variety of sources. This approach allows exchanging information with other industry standard data formats.

OpsCenter provides an Attachment Support feature that allows non-technical end-users to import external information into the system as an attachment. Attachments can be any sort of file including images, PDFs, Microsoft Office® documents, scanned forms, etc. Attachment Support is available on the OpsCenter's forms. For example, a user may want to add an attachment to a facility such as a floor plan, map to the facility, or the evacuation plan for the facility.

Exporting Information

All OpsCenter status boards may be exported to Microsoft Excel® with just a mouse click. All of the OpsCenter Reports may be exported to Microsoft Word® in a similar fashion. All OpsCenter screens can be exported to email with a single mouse click.

The OpsCenter server connects to the organization's normal e-mail systems through SMTP. As long as the organization is running an SMTP compliant e-mail system, which most currently do, then no integration actions are necessary for OpsCenter to make use of their email system.