OpsCenter Characteristics

OpsCenter was designed from the onset to have certain key characteristics. These are aspects of OpsCenter that are true for the entire system, not just a particular feature or module. For example, Ease of Use was determined to be a fundamental requirement for OpsCenter due to the dynamic nature of staffing during emergencies. Therefore, maximizing ease of use has been a focus since OpsCenter's inception and is true for all aspects of the system. To read more about Ease of Use or the other key Characteristics of OpsCenter please click on a heading below.



Extensively configurable by a non-technical person to reflect your organization's terminology, structure and processes Permissions, interface and staffing are role-base facilitating use of multiple shifts and dynamic staffing


Ease of Use

Use of the system makes users more efficient Users can be effective with little to no training

Response Models

Methodology and Procedure

Supports popular emergency response models including NIMS and ICS Reflects the processes used by your organization verses forcing you to change

Language Support

Information Security

Use OpsCenter in your local language The right people can access OpsCenter information and the wrong people can not

Importing and Exporting

Return on Investment

Get information in and out of your OpsCenter system Maximize the return on the investment made by organizations that adopt OpsCenter