Sharing Information

OpsCenter provides the capability to partition and share information between organizations. To do so, the system provides three different views of the information in OpsCenter:

  • Normal - This view shows only the information that belongs to the user's organization.
  • Shared- An organization may choose to share certain information with the other organizations in the region. This view includes everything in the Normal view plus the information shared by another organization. For example, if County A marks an incident as shared, a County B user in the Shared View will see County B's information and the incident County A has shared.
  • Everything - This view shows the information in the system, regardless of the organization to which the information belongs.
  • Access to the different Views is controlled by role permissions. Using the Roles Administration Screen, an administrator of the system can specify which of the three views of the information a role can access.

    For example, a Regional Director role might be given access to the Everything view of Incidents, a Local Director role might be given access to the Shared and Normal views of Incidents, and a financial role might be given access only to the Normal view of Incidents.