Migration and Integration


Alert Technologies consultants can migrate data from a customer's legacy emergency management system into OpsCenter. In some cases we have pre-established migration utilities that can migrate your data from legacy systems such as InfoBook, E-Team, and WebEOC into OpsCenter. If your legacy system is relatively standard, the migration is straightforward. In other cases, when you have customized or make non-standard use of the legacy system some tailoring of the migration tool is necessary.

It is also common for Alert Technologies consultants to import from documents, spreadsheets, and other standard office technologies into OpsCenter. These imports are usually straightforward and result in the information being web-based, secure and more generally available to your emergency management staff.


Alert Technologies also has experience integrating with legacy systems. If it is anticipated that you will need to share information between OpsCenter and WebEOC, E-team, or other third-party products over a long period of time, then an integration might be appropriate for you. As with our migration tools, we have pre-established integrations with WebEOC and other systems that can be used as the start point for your integration.