Alert Technologies provides a wide variety of training for new OpsCenter customers. The curriculum is intended to get an organization functioning quickly with OpsCenter and to be able to maintain their system without requiring vendor help. Some examples of classes provided include:

Using OpsCenter

Typically the first class provided. Provides an introduction to OpsCenter. Students use each of the different types of screens in OpsCenter and all of the controls found in the screens. The training allows a user to become comfortable moving around in OpsCenter and using the system. Appropriate for anyone that has to log on to OpsCenter.

Managing Emergencies with OpsCenter

Follows the Using OpsCenter class. Discusses the challenges associated with managing emergencies and how to use OpsCenter to address these challenges. Some examples include tracking Incident status, managing resources, and tracking and reporting damages. Appropriate for staff members that are expected to understand using OpsCenter to manage an emergency at more than just a basic level.

Configuring OpsCenter

Discusses how to change OpsCenter to meet the needs of the organization. Each Administration Screen is covered in detail. Students configure OpsCenter as part of the class, applying what they learn as they go. Appropriate for those individuals that are expected to be able to change how OpsCenter behaves.

Installing OpsCenter

Covers how to install and upgrade an OpsCenter system. An OpsCenter system is installed as a part of the class. This course is designed for individuals who have Information Technology (IT) responsibilities for OpsCenter.

Advanced Training Courses

After users have gained experience with OpsCenter and as more knowledge of the organization's specific requirements is gained, Alert can provide advanced classes on just about any aspect of using technology to manage an emergency.

For each trainer-led class the presentation used during the training is provided the customer to serve as a self-paced training module for refresher training or new staff members.