Emergency Management

Alert Technologies maintains configurations of OpsCenter to meet the specific needs of the Emergency Management community. This provides government response organizations a complete solution to prepare for, respond to, and recover from natural disasters and other events that threaten lives and property.

Emergency Management with OpsCenter

In the emergency management community decisions often must be made that have a direct impact on saving lives and property. Emergency responders choose where and when to deploy valuable and sometimes scarce resources in a manner that utilizes those resources to the fullest. In order to make such critical decisions emergency responders need up-to-date information. Using out-of-date information regarding the status of an on-going emergency can have dire consequences. Because of this, EOC's strive for capturing, and maintaining, information that is timely and accurate.

Information entered into OpsCenter is immediately available in multiple formats to all users for decision-making. Users can view status boards that are automatically updated to reflect the current status. Users can also create highly filtered reports that can combine different types of information to provide answers to specific questions.

The combination of OpsCenter status boards and reports means that all users have access to the information they need to make informed decisions. Making decisions during an emergency that may affect life or property is never easy, but at least with OpsCenter you're assured that decision-makers are seeing updated information as quickly as it is being captured.